Longines Spring Classic of Flanders

27.04.2017 - 30.04.2017

Spring Tour Lummen

26.04.2017 - 30.04.2017
02.05.2017 - 07.05.2017
09.05.2017 - 14.05.2017

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Total renewed Garden Arena under construction


The new Garden Arena will be a large full drained sand arena (geopad). Dimensions: 105 X 60m. (before 82 X 38m).

Find more info about the Spring Tour here.

Arriving with horses


If you arrive with your horses @ Jumping Lummen, follow the HORSETRUCKS sign to get to the horsebox parking!

Safety measures for visitors

  • Leave big bags or backpacks at home. Before you leave home, check this website to make sure if backpacks are allowed or not.
  • Depart on time! Chances exist that you have to wait because of extra safety checks at the entrance.
  • Never leave your stuff unattended.
  • Respect potential extra safety checks and co-operate easily.
  • Only park your car where it is allowed. Make sure you don't park at a spot that has a parking ban. The ban is there for a reason.
  • Notice anyone suspicious? Report as quickly as possible to the security present or the police through the emergency number 101.
  • Make sure you always carry your ID with you.
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Holger Wulschner en Thierry Goffinet tied on first place in the Six Bars.

Holger Wulschner on Catch me T and Thierry Goffinet on Artuur Jh Z were tied on first place in the Six Bars. They jumped clear with the vertical on 1 m 85 but the vertical of 1 m 95 was to high for both of them. 

Great victory for Johnny Pals on Urjul van Generhese in de Derby of Flanders - Memorial Nick Motmans.

 De derby of Flanders, a 1 m 60 course with some cross country fences, was not easy as usual. None of the 11 starters jumped clear and the best result was 8 points. The five riders with 8 points were allowed to go the jump off. Johnny Pals was the last to go with his 11 years old Urjul van Generhese, he jumped clear and was almost a second faster than Dermott Lennon on Gelvins Touch. 
Johnny Pals: "Last year I was second after the jump off. I was last to go this year and a friend who saw the first riders told me that if I wanted to win I had to go full speed from the beginning until the end. I did so and everything went well!. I didn't train Urjul specially for this competition. I was in Portugal with other horses and Urjul was ridden in the meantime by a girl at home as well as in competitions upto 1 m 30. Afterwards i trained him once on natural fences."
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Anthony Condon wins the prize Stephex.

The prize Stephex, a Table A with jump off for the Longines Ranking, was the last chance for the 5* riders to qualify for the Longines Ranking Grand Prix on Sunday.
66 horses started in a 1 m 50 class and only 5 jumped clear. The Irish rider Anthony Concon on Balzac took first place, Swedish Angelie Von Essen was second on Bydalens Qamaieu de Montsec. Anthony Condon: "The course was heavy and the time was short. I was first to go in the jump off decided to go fast but not crazy. Balzac has a big galop and in a big arena like here it's an advantage. Tomorrow i will ride Balzac in the Grand Prix. Balzac is in super form, in the Grand Prix of the CSI3* in Eschweiler last week I had bad luck, the bit broke two fences before the finish and I had to withdraw."

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